Before thinking about monetizing, you need to think about creating relevant content

Before we talk about how you will monetize your channel, it is important to talk about content generation. After all, no channel stays alive if it is not relevant. The content created must be amazing. You must always trust the Professional YouTube marketers when it comes to using YouTube videos for your business. After all, in a world where anyone can generate any type of content, yours needs to stand out.

Quality matters (and a lot)

You do not need to have the same equipment as Steven Spielberg to shoot a new bathtub challenge. We know that. However, on the other hand, its production cannot be sloppy or look too amateurish. When we talk about quality, we think about the technical aspects, such as camera quality, audio and lighting, in addition to a good script, framing and editing that makes the video perfect.

A roadmap is required

You cannot just hit RECORD and wait for something magical to come out of the recording. A roadmap is required. “Oh, but I’ve never written a script, I don’t even know where to start.” There are several tutorials spread over the internet explaining how to put together a script quickly. Scripting your content will make all the difference.

 “Guys, subscribe to my channel and like before watching the video”

You have heard that phrase repeatedly, right. The number of subscribers is a very important factor in monetizing YouTube videos. This number defines whether you have a good content strategy or not. In addition, YouTube will only allow you to monetize once you reach a minimum of 1,000 subscribers.

Now that you have good content, it is time to monetize your channel.

Ad sense

Ad sense is by far one of the easiest options for generating revenue. You authorize YouTube to insert ads into your videos, which will affect your audience. That is why there are several ad options for you to choose from, and it is important that they make sense to your audience. A bad ad can even make you monetize but lose subscribers, which is very, very bad.

Ads that work with overlay

You know those ads that take up around 20{fa2a12a62ee2ec019d00d4645b237f37a65bee14750fee3af51623f3342e7943} of your computer screen. These are the overlay ads. With them you can publicize your ad, but without occupying the entire screen of your subscribers. This type of ad is an option if you have long videos that may have just a little bit of advertising nearby, but subscribers are watching all the time.

Display ads

This is that classic ad that comes to the right of the video. You may have already seen it above the video suggestion list. If your videos are made in series, or divided into many parts, as is the case with video lessons, for example, this option is a good one.

Video ads that can be skipped

You know those ads you always skip on YouTube. They are another option. The good thing about this type of ad is that it can be inserted at any time, which makes it very flexible.

Ads with a short duration of time

There are also those quick ads, which cannot be swiped but only last 6 seconds. This is also a good ad type for monetization. You quickly gain your subscriber’s attention and get the message across.

Info products are also a great choice

Maybe you do not know, but the dissemination of info products (such as software or app) is a great deal within YouTube monetization. You can create different types of videos (tutorial, review and even react) about a specific info product. With this type of video, you can generate URLs that are tractable and affiliate with big companies that pay to advertise their products.

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