Everything About Buying Used SUVs

Buying a luxury car is every individual’s dream. However, thanks to the escalating vehicle prices, most people put away the thoughts of buying cars unless they become financially viable. One option that might help such people is the market for used cars. Owing to the launch of new car models, the used car sector is experiencing a humongous expansion. This means, that owning used SUVs doesn’t mean you have to settle for a worn-out dream car.

With the car segment turning organized with each passing day and the easy accessibility of car loans, buying used cars is no more a problem. But there are certain things to know when going to purchase a used SUV.

Picking The Right Used SUV

With the acceleration of the SUV segment growth, customers are spoilt with the choice even when choosing from the used SUVs (รถ SUV มือสอง, which is the term in Thai). Apart from the brands, there are a few other factors to consider.

Fuel Type Is Important To Consider

Selecting between a petrol and diesel variant is a crucial point of consideration. Petrol-powered SUVs imply higher fuel expenditure and lower mileage when it comes to diesel-powered cars. However, the pre-owned diesel SUVs are more expensive than the pre-owned petrol versions. More so, the petrol variants in SUVs are even wider than the diesel ones.

The Car’s Age Is To Be Taken Into Account

The car’s age is an essential factor that you must evaluate before taking the final call. The depreciation rate for cars is high in an initial couple of years after you have bought them. The depreciation rate following the first 2-3 years goes down. The car’s general condition must also contribute towards your decision of buying a used car. Go for SUVs that are within their warranty period, as it can reduce the repairing cost in case it breaks down after purchase.

The car’s mileage too can give an insight into how much wear and tear the car has sustained over the years.

Go Through Every Related Paperwork Before Purchasing The SUV

Apart from the car’s general condition, you must also go through the car’s paperwork to keep away from legal liabilities in the future. Car insurance paperwork, followed by road tax payment receipts, and registration certifications are some of the important documents that you must access.

Conduct A Research On The SUV That You Intend To Buy

When you are shortlisting your options, go through the reviews for the car as well. You can come across different customer reviews online about the car’s general problems and performance. In addition, seeking feedback from those who have owned the model previously can help you gain a better insight into the car model. More so, extensively researching the car can also help you to negotiate better.

With the increase in the used car segment, one can always consider buying a used SUV. Apart from being easy on the pockets, the used SUVs are also reliable if you can buy them from a reputed pre-owned car seller.

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