Growth Marketing and the Role of a Growth Marketer for a Business

Businesses today may find it very difficult to keep up with the rapid and continual changes in market conditions, rules, and regulations.

However, it is essential to know and abide by them to avoid legal consequences. This will help everyone associated with the business to stay motivated and move towards the right direction of growth.

It needs analyzing big data so that businesses can easily and quickly adapt to the changing situations. So, the role of consultants like Anshoo Sethi is vital. Typically, this is what a growth marketer does for a business.

A Brief Overview of Growth Marketing

You may not have heard about growth marketing, and that is not surprising. This is a relatively new concept, just about a decade or so old.

This concept emerged due to two specific reasons, such as:

  • Digital transformation and
  • Need for generating quick sales.

In such a setting, you will need to use both tangible and intangible forms of marketing. The intangible forms of new forms of marketing include online software, social media, and more. This is an innovative approach that most business owners are not very familiar with or comfortable with.

However, to ensure business growth, you will need to follow the best practices and techniques, which are much different from traditional forms of marketing.

This gave rise to growth marketing and the demand for experts like Anshoo Sethi. It has affected not only tech startups but all other establishments as well.

Growth marketing, however, does not have a standard definition. This is mainly because there are different approaches followed in the process.

Still, in its simplest form, you can say growth marketing refers to getting and retaining more customers. This is because a business cannot grow without customers.

There is another way of defining growth marketing, which is based on the product. It is only when a product is valuable to a customer it will be easy to sell it, and this will result in the growth of the business.

Moreover, there is no specific phase of growth. It tends to happen in every part of the sales funnel and therefore marketing for growth also needs to be continual and ever-evolving.

The Job of a Growth Marketer

The job of a growth marketer, according to consultants like Anshoo Sethi in Chicago, is to ensure the growth of the business at every stage. Whether it is done through referrals or otherwise, the job of the growth marketer is to circumvent or subvert the conventional marketing approaches.

In simple words, a growth marketer will not do anything because that is the way it is always done. Instead, the marketer will think about some ingenious and new way to achieve the goal or resolve any issue at hand.


Growth marketing is a new concept that involves data analysis because it is primarily based on data and statistics. Therefore, a growth marketer has to test and analyze results constantly to improve and optimize the results.

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