Have you ever gone to some business area or shopping area and looked down on the floor just to consider how many germs it could contain? If you consider this then every floor you come in contact with, be it commercial, residential or industrial you will have a lot of bacteria you come in contact with every day. You may wonder if there is any solution that can help control the environment from destroying health damages from possible bacterial exposure. Having a floor covered with high quality antimicrobial coating is an excellent way to ensure the safety of health for your customers and employees. Many big industries already rely on such types of floorings due to strict rules and regulations within sectors such as the food and medical industry.

What does antibacterial flooring protect and defend against?

Floors with added antibacterial agents are protected in a better way than those floors that are covered with some other agents. It defends against a wide range of germs and damaging organisms. The antibacterial protection is against the germs including bacteria, mildew, fungus, mold, algae and yeast.


It is a little difficult to know which type is best for you because of the many types of antibacterial flooring available. Some of the basic types of this flooring are:

  • Epoxy
  • Polyaspartic
  • Polyurethane
  • Urethane
  • Cementitious Urethane

We have now discussed what antibacterial coatings can defend and protect us against germs, so now let’s discuss the multiple areas where these flooring are useful to be installed.


There are certain rules and regulations by related authorities for certain industries and businesses to have an antibacterial flooring that resists germs and bacteria. All businesses should consider such flooring to keep the good health of their workers, employees and visitors.

Areas that needs to use antibacterial flooring:

These floor coatings are excellent to be used within multiple areas including airport, cafeterias, hospitals, grocery stores, laboratories, restaurants, schools, jails and health clubs.


 Now, as you already know, there are many places and facilities where you can install antibacterial flooring. These excellent coatings are also beneficial in many other ways.

Antibacterial flooring is extremely durable and easy to clean. As it is already coated with an antibacterial agent so you don’t have to use any further cleaning agents. Also, these flooring are very easy to install. The coatings that are applied to defend germs are totally harmless to pets and kids. These flooring last long if maintained properly. They are non-allergen and perfect for people having allergies and asthma. They serve their functional purpose as well the aesthetic function as they look aesthetically pleasing. Antibacterial flooring is waterproof providing excellent resistance to water or accidental spills. Such flooring can even handle the usage of heavy equipment and can withstand daily harsh use. This flooring does noy transfer any kind of odor and is also resistant to severe chemical corrosion.

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