How Do Eye Bag Removal Procedures Work?

A cosmetic surgeon may advise the skin squeeze treatment for persons with less pronounced under-eye circles and no extra fat behind the eyes. There are surgeries to reduce under-eye bags (ลดถุงใต้ตา, which is the term in Thai)

The under-eye area retains its fat while using the skin squeeze procedure. The surplus skin is going to be pinched off by the surgeon.

There Are Quite Some Causes For Swollen Eyes, Such As:

  • Consuming many salty meals makes you retain water, which results in edoema.
  • The congestion and swelling brought on by allergies may occasionally worsen the puffiness beneath the eyes.
  • Medical issues, including thyroid issues, can bring on eye swelling.
  • Developing bags under your eyes may run in your family as a physical trait.
  • As one grows older, your muscles and skin lose suppleness.

Lower Eyelid Procedure

Lower eyelid surgery can be done using a variety of surgical techniques. The strategy often depends upon your anatomy and aims for your undereye area.

The surgeon will mark the skin around your eyes before the surgery. It will aid doctors in determining the location of incisions. They will ask you to sit up so they can view your eye bags more clearly.

People having eyelid surgery are typically released from the hospital on the exact day with detailed instructions regarding how to care for themselves. After the procedure, they won’t be able to bring themselves home. They should arrange to have people stay with them on their first night.

How Do The Outcomes Look?

With this specific process, men and women may be freed from an unpleasant, lined, and wrinkled face appearance in addition to prematurely swollen and instantaneous outcomes.

A very accurate method is necessary for advanced remedial operations. As a result, a blepharoplasty treatment should only be performed by a licensed Consultant Plastic Surgeon with the requisite experience and training to do this kind of surgery expertly.

Better results may appear almost directly after surgery. Still, they will be hidden by the natural swelling and bruises following this procedure. For a maximum of six months following having surgery, the contour and freshly refined eye area will continue to improve once the initial edoema has subsided (often after the initial week).

Once a wound finishes healing, the stitches often leave no visible traces. Sutures can either be absorbed or not. In the latter case, they will require removal after around five days.

How To Pick The Right Doctor

A sensitive area of the human face is the one around the eyes. Incorrect methods can result in serious problems. Find a board-certified, highly skilled specialist specializing in treating the eyelid region.

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