Is SEO truly important for companies in 2022?

For companies it is essential to have a presence in the digital world but not everyone knows the benefits of SEO. When users are happy with what they find on your website, search engines are happy too. The benefits are wide when SEO happens in the right way, you will see them reflected in the medium and long term. With the right SEO service providers, the results are imminent.

New clients and growth

One of the main objectives to have a website is to create and increase customers and therefore obtain higher sales. It is a fact that companies that seek to have a place on the web attack the market twice and if you are the first it is much better, well they say that the one who hits first hits twice. 

SEO positioning will help give you a place on the web, Google for example is the favorite and day by day it is working so that companies are placed in the first places but all based on user experiences, then between the most up-to-date and The optimized your web page is, the better positioning it will have.

Improve conversion rates

To give strength to this point we have to define what a conversion rate is, here is our explanation: a conversion rate is a metric that helps us measure the percentage of visitors, readers or customers who take an action accordingly. If someone subscribes to your blog, makes a reservation or a purchase then it is a good sign that SEO is working since the audience is finding what they are looking for and what better thing is it on your page, don’t you think? Anyone who visits your website is a prospect to improve conversion rates.

Improve SERP and build trust

It seems incredible, but an SEO optimized SERP gives the audience much more confidence. It happens since it is more likely that they will visit a page that has the keyword in the SERP and that gives them the answer to the question. If your page is not updated and optimized, Google will take the keyword it finds on the page without meaning, response or call to action.


The competition at a virtual level is massive. You must appear as a leader for the audience to consider you. If you position yourself in the search engines with a specific keyword it is almost certain that your sales will increase.

Reach new markets

The immediacy of the web helps to attract new markets in a faster way. A campaign carried out to perfection will help to explore new horizons. 

It is possible that by applying a good SEO strategy you will realize that there are new markets to attack and that surely you did not have contemplated in your marketing strategy and by attacking the new market your company grows even more.

Business 24/7

A website is a business open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. You must place yourself at the right time and in the right place with the help of SEO and this achieved by optimizing your site, generating content strategies and with a responsive web design. 

It does not matter if it is a holiday, Sunday or three in the morning, if the user is interested in doing a search and finding something specific, your company should be at the top of the search engines.

In the end

So work on strategies that have some flexibility so that you attack all the necessary flanks until you achieve SEO positioning. When a person specifically searches for a product or service, they will always make a comparison on the first brands that appear in Google, they will never go to page four to find what they want.

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