Wool Rugs Vs Cowhide Rugs

It could be quite tricky to choose the perfect rug for your place. Style and budget are the primary considerations before buying any rug type.  When you want durable, attractive, and affordable rugs, cowhide rugs and wool rugs both stand out. Although both of them look good, there are few differences.

It’s important to consider how much traffic it can bear, how much it will last, and how much coziness you desire from that specific kind of rug. So, before choosing, you need to familiarize yourself with the pros and cons of each rug type.

2 Most Important Factors To Consider While Buying Wool Rugs Or Cowhide Rugs

  1. Durability

Cowhide rugs offer long-lasting durability because they are made directly from the hides of beef cattle. These types can bear high foot traffic. Being stain-resistant, cowhide rugs are easier to clean. The better you care for, the longer it will last.

Wool rugs, on the other hand, are made from short lengths of wool derived from sheep. If you are looking for a durable one, go for a woolen rug because it is considered the most sturdy material for rugs. These rugs can also bear heavy foot traffic. Odors and moistures do not get trapped in wool rugs easily. With the advantage of having sturdy backing, featuring materials like synthetic latex and recycled cotton these rugs won’t skid once you place them in your room.

  1. Maintenance And Cleaning

Cowhide rugs do not need much maintenance and are easier to clean. It is somehow a true misconception regarding cowhide rugs that you cannot vacuum them as you do with other types. But there are a lot of different ways to clean your cowhide rug. If it looks dusty, just take your rug outside and start shaking to remove the dust and debris, if any. Hand-brushing is another option to remove the dirt and dust and keep your rug fluffy, soft, and clean. Use a damp sponge to wipe up the spills. If you need to deep clean your rug, a diluted mix of water and white vinegar on a damp sponge would go perfectly. But make sure to rub or wipe always in the direction the hair grows.

Wool rugs, on the other hand, have the property of repelling the stains naturally which is why they are easy to clean. But if they are brand new, they tend to shed immediately. so regular vacuuming is needed to get rid of loose fibers. However, avoid vacuuming more than once a week otherwise your rug will start to shed more and get harsh day by day. The best way to remove a spill is to use a diluted mix of water and dish soap. Avoid using too much water because wool is less water-resistant as compared to other types.

Which Rug Should You Consider For Your Place?

Both rug options are great to consider for people who are looking for durable and affordable rugs. After reading through these factors, you should have a better understanding of which type is best for you. The majority of people consider cowhide rugs because they don’t need regular vacuuming and are more water-resistant as compared to wool rugs. However, both types enhance the visual appeal of your place!

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