Beach restaurants with good food in Puerto Escondido

If you want an unforgettable vacation, Puerto Escondido is one of the fashionable destinations. Besides its beautiful beaches, it has incredible restaurants perfect to go as a couple or with your group of friends. From the classic seafood, to fine dining of Mexican, Argentine, and Italian cuisine, from tourist best 50 usa national parks spots, to activities to make a perfect weakened, in Puerto Escondido, you name it and you get it. Without a doubt, these best restaurants in Puerto Escondido, Oaxaca will satisfy your tastes while you discover the best Oaxaca beaches.


This restaurant is the most famous fine dining in Puerto Escondido, reviewed in the best foreign magazines. With signature cuisine that enhances the local produce, this space mixes traditional Oaxaca cuisine with contemporary techniques. The menu is timeless and changes according to the seasons, usually with a base protein. Their salad with holy leaf and prickly pear vinaigrette and roasted cauliflower with risotto and pork belly are favorites.  

Espadín restaurant 

Espadín offers a gourmet signature cuisine concept with local ingredients. This place is located in a privileged area of Puerto Escondido and it has one of the best views of the beach and sunsets for photography. Espadín lives up to its name with a unique menu from local producers in the area, as well as having various signature cocktails. They also have vegan dishes and their breakfasts are quite substantial.

Sala water 

If you are looking for a place with a fresher and more youthful proposal, this place will be your first option. This beautiful restaurant is located on the shore of one of the virgin beaches of Zicatela, so you can order breakfast directly on the beach and thus enjoy your start to the day with the sea breeze. Thanks to its varied menu, this place is ideal to go with friends, since everyone will have an option that fits their diet; from the cutest hamburger, to a delicate arugula salad with ham and mustard vinaigrette. 


With a more party like atmosphere, this place is ideal for those looking for a terrace with the best view of the beautiful beaches of Puerto Escondido. During the afternoons, there is a variety of DJ music and even theme nights with cocktails. They have breakfasts, lunches, dinners and ‘happy hour’ perfect to start the party and enjoy the beach. In its menu, you can find grilled octopus, grilled shrimp, hamburgers, cuts of meat and vegetarian dishes. 

La Lolita Puerto

If you want to spend a relaxed day and make new foreign friends, this place is one of the best options. The service is casual and very typical of an unpretentious beach but with very good food. This boutique restaurant serves as a gallery for local artists and the spaces are so versatile that you are sure to want a photo. During the evenings, the bar gets to party with good music, the best classic and signature cocktails. 

Turtle bay 

If you want to eat the best lobster in Puerto Escondido, this place is the locals’ best kept secret. Very close to the beach is a mandatory stop to eat the best seafood, it is Turtle Bay. They receive the catch of the day and thus offer their customers the best quality at affordable prices. When it is the season of a product, they celebrate it with a festival of dishes inspired by it, such as the tuna fest.

Alivo kuauitl

This place mixes the best of Italy with local ingredients from the Pacific coast. You can choose from various dishes, pastas, hamburgers, tacos and seafood. The most popular is their di mare spaghetti, vegetarian lasagna and fried squid. If you are one of those who are looking for ‘healthy’ options to stay in shape during the holidays, you can order the salad with mahi-mahi and roasted vegetables or the grilled tuna with arugula and tomatoes.

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