Call Me by Your Name Thought After Watching The Film

Call Me by Your Name is a same-sex film directed by Luca guadagnino and starring Timothy charame, Amy hammo and Michael Stuart. It was released at the Sundance Film Festival on January 22, 2017. Click here to watch Call Me by Your Name movie for free. If you want to watch free movie online, you can enter here.

Adapted from the novel of the same name by Andre aisimon, the film tells the story of Oliver, a 24-year-old American doctoral student, who met Elio, a 17-year-old boy, in Italy and developed an ambiguous relationship between them.

In November 2017, the film won the best picture of the 27th Gotham independent film award; On November 29 of the same year, it was selected as one of the top ten films of 2017 by Empire magazine; In December of the same year, it won the 2017 top ten films of the American Film Institute. On February 12, 2018, the film won the American Writers Guild Award for best screenplay in the film category; On March 5 of the same year, he won the best adapted screenplay award of the 90th Academy Awards.

The story takes place on the Italian Riviera in the 1980s. The sudden love is like a wild animal running out of the forest, seizing the body and heart of the 17-year-old Elio. He fell in love with Oliver, an American doctoral student who was six years older than him and was visiting Italy. The two were fascinated, hesitant, and tentative about each other, which made their passion burst out in the surging, and led to a first love that lasted only six weeks. This beautiful summer love left an indelible mark in the hearts of the two.

Unlike many same-sex films, please call me by your name does not tell how homosexuals are discriminated against and struggle with their sexual orientation. The whole film has a sour sweet summer love atmosphere like plum soda. The film has a long staying power. After watching it, people will be suffocating and full of frustration that “good things in the world are not firm, clouds are easy to disperse, and glass is brittle”. As a romantic film, almost everyone can find their own shadow in the film.

Call Me by Your Name is an experienced work. The director has mastered his style of high-speed editing and striking close-up. The rhythm of the film is very suitable for the hot Italian Summer in the film. The details of the film are very special. The trust and strength of the characters in the film will enrich the ordinary audience who are not familiar with it. It is this kind of film technology that will let people know that movies can create resonance from an almost spiritual perspective.

The performance that really stood out in the film came from 21-year-old chalamey. Elio, who he plays, has many “firsts” in the film. He doesn’t have many lines, but charame uses his face and body language to transform this role into a person that is easy for everyone to understand at a glance. The last few minutes of the film without a dialogue is a rare close-up shot of Elio in the film, which is very attractive. The chemical reaction between men is obvious, but more importantly, the two actors can convey the complex feelings, expectations and ideas between the characters without opening their mouths.

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