How To Fix Deep Under Eyes

Deep under eyes or sunken eyes are the result of dehydration, ageing and insufficient sleep. But there can be other medical conditions, such as socket eyes (ใต้ ตา ลึก, which is the term in Thai).

The delicate skin under the eye can appear hollow, dark and sunken during such conditions. With proper remedies, you will be able to treat the condition.

Symptoms Of Under Eyes

If you look into the mirror, you will know the exact reason for the condition. Sometimes it gets described as a hollow or a dark shadow over the lower eyelid. There are several names that you can provide for the condition. Since the dark under the eye occurs due to ageing, people notice the condition, especially in their early 40 and 30s.

Methods To Fix The Problem

If you are suffering from such conditions, make sure that you bring a change in your lifestyle. For a start, you must have a proper sleep schedule to get enough sleep and feel refreshed. If you can invest in a good quality moisturiser, then it will help you to fix the problem easily.

At the same time, if you can apply a cold compress or almond oil, it helps in improving skin tone and complexion. Drinking sufficient amounts of water can also do wonders for your skin.

Medical Procedures Involved

You must see a doctor if the natural fixing method does not work for you. The help of dermal fillers and cosmetic surgery can get a long-term solution to the deep under-eye problem. But before you go for any surgical methods, make sure that you speak to your medical practitioner about your medical history. Though these techniques are invasive, you might have to invest in longer recovery tenure.

Other Conditions Related To Sunken Eyes

Sometimes deep under the eyes can be a result of genetics. Though it negatively changes a person’s appearance, it can also trigger various emotional reactions. For instance, people can experience lower confidence or poor self-esteem, leading to anxiety or depression. Therefore, if you have such a condition, you must immediately see a doctor before the condition worsens.

Bottom Line

If the condition worsens over time, make it a point to take medical help. If you have any, you must tell your doctor about all the symptoms you experience, including itchy eyes or nasal conditions. The slightest change in your body, like weight loss, should be conveyed to your medical practitioner. Only after all the symptoms would your doctor be able to treat the problem.

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