Non-Hotel Weddings: Advantages And Disadvantages You Must Know

Most individuals usually start by considering hotels when deciding on a wedding location. Given its upscale location, it has all the necessities. It contains advertisements and a complete offering. As a result, the hotel frequently accommodates weddings. This article refers to a wedding place is not a hotel. Will the newlyweds approve or reject it?

Advantages Of Not Having A Hotel Wedding

Many couples may be concerned that a wedding venue won’t offer all the required services, unlike a hotel. Holding a wedding outside of a hotel may be less expensive since they can set a budget or more costly than the setup advertising package offered by the hotel. There aren’t many procedures that must be followed, such as food and attire, regardless of the size of the wedding or the number of guests. Thus, for couples who do not want to plan a hotel event or who want to save money, a wedding place is not a hotel (สถาน ที่ จัด งาน แต่งงาน ไม่ใช่ โรงแรม, which is the term in Thai) is an excellent option.

Disadvantages Of Not Having A Hotel Wedding

There are variations from hotel festivities for weddings in locations other than hotels. It can be that there aren’t enough rooms in some places or that the food and beverage options aren’t as broad as those offered by hotels. In addition, inclement weather, like rain, wind, or a sweltering sun, and there might not be enough parking to accommodate all visitors. Due to potential backups, a hotel may not be the best location for the wedding ceremony. The success of the festive celebration depends on the newlyweds’ pleasure, appropriateness, inclinations, and capacity to plan and manage events.

Non-Hotel Wedding Ideas

·       Cruise Ship

Preparing for a wedding aboard a cruise ship. This wedding place is not a hotel; it is a wedding venue. Yet wealthy and sophisticated, like a hotel function. While getting married on a cruise ship could be unique and romantic, some people might believe it is less private than getting married elsewhere. Nevertheless, on a cruise ship with the necessary facilities to host activities.

Additionally, there are several facilities. Whether it’s a dining room, a restroom, a reception space, or a ceremony venue, the newlyweds should always keep this location in mind if they desire a distinctive wedding and appreciate originality.

·       Restaurant

The restaurant is also a well-liked venue, owing to the amenities in the area, which are on par with those at hotels. It consists of spaces for events, toilets, a place to eat, a place to drink, and parking. It depends on the size, appropriateness, and mood you want to create for the occasion. As a result, rather than a hotel that can accommodate several wedding couples, the restaurant acts as a wedding location even though this wedding place is not a hotel.

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