Wondering What Is A Ball Screw?

A mechanical device known as a ball screw converts rotational motion to linear motion with an efficiency of up to 98{445e3770af60cba6905512ef5b12d3a66d56543799e55c2370aa296296103393}. A ball screw is a combination of a screw along with a nut which joins together to hold the construction. Ball screws have little internal friction and are made to apply or tolerate large thrust loads. Let’s know more about ball screw WTF (บอลสกรู WTF, which is the word in Thai).

Ball Screw Applications

The ball screws are considered for the usage where there is a lot of climate change so that the expansion and contraction does not harm the construction. In addition, ball screws are often suitable for applications that need the following characteristics:

  • High Performance
  • Smooth operation and motion
  • High Precision
  • High accuracy
  • High-speed or prolonged continuous movement

Electric cars can replace a typical hydraulic system with a ball screw, one of the particular uses for ball screws.

  • These ball screws are commonly used in the wind turbines.
  • Ball screws assist in providing two or three-axis motions for solar panels.
  • Ball screws are used in hydroelectric plants to operate gates.
  • Motorized inspection tables: The mechanism that enables the tables to move into the ideal position for a particular application will employ a ball screw.
  • Step photolithography machines, which are lithography equipment, employ ball screws to create minuscule integrated circuits.
  • Ball screws are used in automotive power steering systems’ automated steering systems.

Ball Screw Advantages

Ball screws offer the following benefits that make them acceptable for the applications they are chosen for:

  • Highly effective — smaller and requiring less torque than any substitute.
  • They can provide excellent positional precision and repeatability, which is required for most applications.
  • They operate at a lower temperature than other choices due to reduced friction. The ball screw is loved because of the long life it offers.
  • They may be altered such that the preload can be raised or lowered.
  • Available in various screw sizes, from 4mm to 80mm at INB enterprise.


Now that you have understood everything related to the functioning of the ball screw, then it is now time to shop for the right product. All you need to do is to research, and you will be able to grab your hands on the right product that will give you the perfect outcome and usage. Make sure to choose the right place to buy your ball screw, and you can get suitable options.

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