The Power Of Social Media And Its Impact On Our Lives

When it comes to taking suggestions, where do you go first? Do you rely highly on the internet, or do you often go by genuine rewires and recommendations? This might be a tricky question to answer as a commoner. It is mainly because we often tend to go with the majority.

The advancement in modern technology and the development in the internet world. Social media has immersed you into a platform where you cannot only benefit but also help and benefit others.

The major reason behind this is trust and faith related to people’s opinions from the internet world. They are popularly known for their strong influence on their followers. Simultaneously various platforms and websites like the recommendations for use (แนะนำของใช้, which is a term in Thai) have also emerged along with these influencers who have a significant hold on their fan following.

What Is The Impact Of Internet On The Users Of These Platforms?

To break down the immense impact of the internet on our modern life look at the points below:

  • Credibility

Often people look for credible sources for deriving knowledge and information regarding anything. This is where websites like recommendation for use and influencers come into the spotlight. These people already have established creditable security, which allows more and more audiences to connect with them.

  • Knowledge

It is always advised to have detailed knowledge about the topic of your expertise. Hence you will often find detailed information from authentic sources where you will get all the necessary information.

  • Trust And Faith

Big brands and new start-ups need help to establish a sense of reliability among the homogenous group of masses. This is when a review or a recommendation from a reliable source comes in handy.

  • More Reach

Using the internet as a communication medium gives you the freedom and the liberty to connect with an undefined audience group. It allows you to cater to a larger audience base than other forms of media. Thus when you look up a website for a review or a recommendation, it is more likely that 100 other people are googling the same thing simultaneously.

  • Pocket Friendly

Hiring a popular website or collaborating with a big name is comparatively cost-effective compared to any other form of marketing. Not only does it save your money and your efforts, but also it promotes your product or your brand more effectively. Marketing through any other form might not fetch such results as compared to using the internet as a medium.


Humans often need to associate themselves with people and be part of a community or a group. With the advancement of technology, a group of people have independently immersed themselves in the world of the internet. So before trusting in the recommendation always prefers to check all the major factors that plays a major role in our life.

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