Everything You Need To Know Acrylic Boxes Or Case

Have you seen those clear plastic boxes kept in the museums for display, in the jewellery store to display the ornaments, or probably in the makeup shop? They look so aesthetic and are the best to display products. But have you ever wondered what these plastic boxes are called and what material it is made up of?

Let’s try to understand everything about these plastic boxes in this article.

What Is An Acrylic Case/Box?

Acrylic case is a particular type of plastic box made with rigid packaging of acrylic material. These boxes are made with a transparent body and are lightweight. The attractive feature of these boxes makes them look beautiful, and thus is used in shops, museums, aquariums, and hotels to display things.

Types Of The Acrylic Case

There are a variety of acrylic cases available in the market. The best part is these plastics are made of customizable material. Thus they can be moulded into different shapes and sizes. Here is a list of a few common types of acrylic boxes.

·       5-Sided Box

This type of acrylic box is used to display jewellery and watches. They are commonly used in fashion houses, museums and jewellery shops. A fish aquarium is another example where a five-sided box is used.

·       6-Sided Box

The six-sided box displays valuable art and jewellery on a stand. These boxes do not have an open side; instead, they have a base at the bottom. Three types of commands are used Wooden, white and black.

·       Covered Boxes With Lids

Covered acrylic boxes are similar to conventional ones used to store things. Some packages even have a lock and handles, which gives them a stylish appearance.

Application Of Acrylic Box

·       Home

These acrylic boxes find their uses in various places. However, they are mainly utilized for decoration because of their aesthetic appearance. These boxes can be used as mirror boxes, lights and in many other ways to decorate the house. These boxes can be used in kitchen cabinets to store food items and as ice cubes holders. The covered acrylic boxes can store makeup products and expensive jewellery items.

·       Office

In offices, these boxes, especially the 6-sided ones, can be used as organizers to store cards. Moreover, ballot boxes are also used in offices to collect complaints and suggestions from people. Besides, 5-sided boxes can be used as cabinets and drawers in the office to store files and other stationary items.

Wrap Up

These acrylic cases are multifunctional storage boxes for various purposes because of their transparent and lightweight features.

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