Leceister is one of the cities that has seen an increase in prices of property in Leicester and has become an expensive place. A recent study shows that only 8{fa2a12a62ee2ec019d00d4645b237f37a65bee14750fee3af51623f3342e7943} of people living in Leicester can actually afford to live there. The city boasts of high employment, great shopping activities and good education at all levels. Shopping is one big activity in the city as Leicester is the 3rd best retail location in the UK. Its main shopping centre is Highcross which has more than hundred shops of top brands like Apple, Hugo Boss, John Lewis, Swarovski. The Haymarket Shopping Centre is close to the city centre and has a 12-screen cinema, restaurants and bars. The city centre also has many independent shops, restaurants and coffee houses. There is a variety of goods at Leicester Covered Market.

The outdoors is exciting for students, kids and professionals. Families with kids and young people can visit the beautiful parks and waterways in the city – Castle Gardens, Victoria Park, Abbey Park and others. Students can entertain themselves with movies, music and comedy at the Curve Theatre, the Phoenix and De Montford Hall. The city has good sports facilities. It has a football club, the English Premier League. Leicester Tigers offers premiership games to rugby lovers and Leicester Lions Speedway Club offers motorsports rides in the city. Leicester also has the oldest basketball club in Britain, The Riders. Festivals like the Leicester Carribean Carnival and the Summer Food and Drink Festival attract visitors yearly.

Places like Belgrave, Grange, Aylestone, Cossington, Envington and Desford have the most expensive houses in Leicester. Prices of property in these places vary from £250,000 to £2.5m.

  1. Markfield, Grange (£246,121)
    Grange is one of the best neighbourhoods to live in Leicester. It has streets like Oadby, Markfield and others. The average price of property in Markfield is £246,121. The most expensive house is a 6 bedroom detached house with seven acres of gardens and a large orchard. It is priced at £2,500,000.
  2. Belgrave (£250,039)
    Belgrave is an area in Leicester. Space Park Leicester, the National Space Centre and Belgrave Hall and Gardens are some of the attractions in the neighbourhood. Property is valued at an average price of £250,039. The most expensive house there was sold at £1,100,000.
  3. Evington (£284,106)
    Evington is a nice shopping area. It has good road links, shops, schools and fun places. The most expensive property in Evington is on Uppingham Road and is priced at £1.750,000. It is a 4 bedroom detached house with three reception rooms, a huge kitchen, a pool, two double garages and a fine garden.
  4. Croft Avenue, Aylestone (£342,969)
    Huncote New Hill Nature Reserve is one place to visit and is close to Croft Avenue. The average property price at Croft is £342,969. There is a 5 bedroom barn priced at £2,500,000. The house is on a quiet 28 acres land divided into four fields and is the most expensive on the street.

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