Top Space-Saving Tricks For Your Compact Condo

When you are living in a cramped condo in the area of Charan 13, you know every small corner is a luxury that you cannot afford to neglect. At times, you might feel you don’t sufficient space to either swing your legs or move around freely. But you need not worry since there are lots of things that you can do to augment your storage and make your condo look homier, brighter and more spacious.

Hang Your Accessories And Kitchenware

If you are running low on space, then you must make optimum use of every nook and corner of the condo that you have. Every inch including the walls plays a fundamental role. And you can turn your bland walls into a perfect storage area by installing hooks and magnetic racks and using them to hang your sock organizer, scarf organizer or even your handbags. For the kitchen, you can mount the tows of racks on the walls and use them to hand your kitchen tools.

Murphy Beds Is Your Answer

You must understand and research Murphy beds which are multifunctional furniture pieces and are great life-saves if you live in a small condo in the area of Charan 13 (คอน โด แถว จ รั ญ 13, which is the term in Thai). The murphy beds act as a standard couch during the day and turn into beds at night.

For Invisible Storage, Use False Flooring

It is more suitable to use the space-friendly hack of using false flooring. Not only does false flooring look and offer a contemporary feel to your condo but also offer you sufficient space. You can deck up the floors with the pieces of furniture that you like while keeping certain things stowed underneath them.

Over The Door Organizer

Over the door organizers are your best friends if you own a condo since they enable you to use all the space that is there against the door for virtual storage for socks, scarves and more.

Over The Toilet Rack

You need not waste the vertical space that is over your toilet anymore when you can use the over-the-toilet rack. This rack plays a fundamental role in helping you to store a vast array of bathroom supplies like bath towels, toilet papers and more. You can also incorporate the over-the-toilet sinks inside the bathroom to get more space and to make way for subtle décor.

You can use some of these space-saving hacks to make the optimum use of the condo in the area of Charan 13. All of these hacks help you to use all the nooks and crannies of the condo in the best possible manner.

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