How to Clean House after Painting

Whenever we buy a new house, we are required to paint it. Painting is a protective coating on the house to protect the interior and exterior surface. It enables the walls and other areas of the house to withstand wear and tear while protecting them from damage. But after painting the house, there is a lot of pain left to clean up. So, how to clean house? Well, painting the house is necessary because it is capable of tackling the extreme weather conditions, thereby keeping the house new and shiny. The house needs paint after every 5-7 years. As you go on painting the house, the chances of wear and tear slow down.

Painting has several benefits. For instance, painting enhances the aesthetic value of your home. Painting gives an attractive exterior to your home. Your house doesn’t get affected by rain, cold, heat, etc. When the exterior is good, the interior is also enhanced. Even a small touch-up can enhance your entire house. But after painting, we have always seen that a lot of chaos builds up in the home. The window panes, sheets, mattresses, curtains, etc., get paint marks and such marks are really hard to remove.

No doubt, painting the house leads to environmental protection and leads to better air quality. But once the house is painted, one needs to clean up after that. The floors and other belongings need to be organized and cleaned in such a way that one is not able to figure out whether the paint stain was there or not! There are many ways to clean up dried paint and wet paint. Wet paint is actually very easy to clean. You can just simply wipe it out without any fuss and bother. Wiping it with a clean cloth will not leave any stains on the floor and other belongings. Either you or the painters can clean up after the painting is done. Below are some of the ways through which you can effectively clean up after painting.

How to Clean House

Cleaning a house is as important as painting it. Painting brings in fresh air quality and protects your house from damage while cleaning keeps your house fresh all day long. Cleaning all the paint from floors and other belongings is extremely important. Here is how you can do it!

  1. Spot Check

The first thing that you need to check is the soles of your feet. It can happen that sometimes, by mistake, you might have tripped on the paint and your socks have got paint on them. You can go about ruining the floors of the house by walking here and there. Thus, you need to check your socks first to avoid spots of paint in the home.

  1. Tool Cleaning

After painting, you must clean up the tools thoroughly so that they can be used next time. Edgers, scrapers, paint trays, etc., must be cleaned and washed thoroughly. Use warm, soapy water to clean the water-based paint. If you have solvent-based paint, you can clean it with a solvent-based cleaner. Be sure to wipe the paint from the things to prevent rust. Once the tools are cleaned, the next step is to clean the brushes.

  1. Cleaning the Brushes

After washing the painting tools, you need to clean your brushes. You need to clean the brushes and rollers before the paint gets dry. If you have water-based paint, it is best to run the brushes and rollers first under cold water, then in warm water, and then again under cold water. You can use a detergent to clean it in the process.

On the other hand, if you are using solvent-based paint, clean and wash your brushes with a solvent-based cleaner and then wash them under warm water using a detergent. Detergent must be used for effective and efficient cleaning.

  1. Store the Brushes

After the brushes are washed and the paint has been removed, it is always suggested to wrap them in a piece of absorbent fabric like the kitchen towel, masking tape, etc. These absorbent fabrics ensure that your brushes will return to their normal shape after drying. There are instances wherein the bristles of the brush go wayward. Thus, it is essential to wrap the brushes to avoid the bristles from damage. Store them flat so that the bristles don’t bend. Further, after drying, place the brushes in the stand and store them somewhere.

  1. Wipe your Paint

Wipe the interior and exterior rim of the paint box before you press the lid firmly back on. This helps in preventing the paint from dripping from the box. It makes it easier to reuse the box in the future without fuss and chaos. Thus, it is essential to clean the bucket or paint box to prevent dripping.

  1. Paint Splashes

The next step is to clean the paint splashes on window panes and mirrors. It is very easy to remove paint from glass. Simply wait until the paint dries and then wipe the window surface with a damp cloth. You can also use a blunt knife to scrape off the surface. Just be careful that the window pane isn’t damaged.

  1. Shake your Sheets

Fold the edges of your drip clothes and sheets so that the spills don’t smear on the surrounding surfaces. Take the sheets outside and shake them before storing. Dries paint will easily come off like that.

So, these are some of the steps that you can follow regarding how to clean house. Painting the house is essential to get a new look. The same is the case with cleaning. Clean your house after painting by following the steps mentioned above and tell us if the ways were effective or not!


  1. How to clean the surface after painting?

You can follow the steps mentioned above for cleaning the paint on various surfaces. Prepare a soapy water solution and dip all the tools and brushes. Further, dip a cloth and clean window panes and glasses.

  1. How to clean up the water-based paint?

Water-based paint can easily be cleaned with soapy water. Ensure to have warm water to remove the stains effectively.

  1. Can I use a mop to wash the paint?

Yes, you can use a mop to clean the paint. Just use hot water for wiping the paint. Use soapy water for water-based paint and solvent cleaner for solvent-based paint.

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