How long does PVC flooring last

We all agree on this point that flooring should be built of a material that can handle a lot of weight while yet maintaining its high quality and appearance. When we make a selection for flooring, we always make sure of certain things which include, our budget, easy installation, quality of material, floor thermal insulation, sound insulation, smoothness, fire resistance, hardness, maintenance, and last but not least its durability.

Flooring is a one time big investment, the foundation of any layout and the entire look of our house depends on it. Flooring brings elegance and adds aesthetic value to your house, so whenever we buy material for flooring we always choose such an option that not only has a sleek appearance but also lasts long.

Flooring must be strong enough to withstand the loads and environmental actions.

Polyvinyl chloride flooring is economical, light-weight, simple to install, durable, anti-slip, and long-lasting polymer widely used in the universe. it comes in different colors, styles,  and patterns such as wood carpet, etc. It is available in plank, tiles, or sheet.

Polyvinyl chloride is the most popular flooring type known for its long life span, its longevity is a significant selling point; several manufacturers promise to provide a lifetime warranty.

For extending the lifespan of anything it is necessary to take care of it, polyvinyl chloride is easy to maintain and clean, for cleaning polyvinyl chloride flooring regular sweeping and mopping with a damp cloth is enough

Polyvinyl chloride has a life span of 10 to15 years. Here are a few factors discussed below that plays a key role in extending its longevity :

1-Polyvinyl chloride thickness- thicker versions of planks have a shelf life of at least 25 years.

2-Good Quality- the quality of anything always adds to an increase in life expectancy, and good quality polyvinyl flooring will endure in your area.

3- Water-resistance-we are all aware that the success of polyvinyl chloride flooring is due to its property for being waterproof.

4-improper installation- The technique of installation also has an important impact on its durability. Improper installation preparation causes further harm since it allows water, dirt, and other spills to permeate, reducing the lifespan of the flooring.

5-Polyvinyl chloride flooring has a non-porous surface that prevents penetration, due to which dirty, debris, water, or any spill stays on top.

PolyVinyl chloride flooring is more resistant to wear and tear than wood, stone, and tile. It is always recommended to use furniture pads to protect the top of the flooring from ripping or damage.

To conclude, Polyvinyl chloride flooring demand is growing due to its versatility, elegant appearance, and its durability. Polyvinyl flooring is best fit for areas with high traffic and ideal for washing area, mudroom, laundry room, basement, bathroom, and area with high hot water traffic as it is resilient to water. After buying Polyvinyl chloride flooring for your place you will never feel regret for your decision as it is a worthwhile investment. With excellent maintenance and care, you can keep it safe from damage.

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