Implementation Of Feng Shui Entrance To The House

A home is a place where everyone finds peace of mind. It is the most secure place globally, and it does not matter whether it is big or small. People take good care of their home, decorate it, clean it, maintain it, and so on. The most crucial thing in a house is the entrance, and it is essential to take care of it. The feng shui entrance to the house ( วง จุ้ย ทาง เข้า บ้าน, which is a term in Thai) should be taken care of as the door symbolizes the whole house.

The word feng shui originated in China, which means ‘the way of wind and water. Feng shui is an ancient Chinese traditional practice believed to bring positive energy, wealth, and prosperity to the house. Certain plants, objects, and figures are used in this practice that helps to get all kinds of positive energy in the place, provided they must be put in the right direction. Today, feng shui is practiced in China and many other countries, and people value its beliefs.

Importance Of Feng Shui Entrance To The House

  • The Direction Of The Entrance: The front door or the gate is the most integral part of the house, so it is essential to see which direction it is facing. It is said that the right direction of the entrance brings wealth and prosperity to the family.
  • Openings Of The Entrance: It is necessary to see whether the front door opens inwards or outwards. Most of the houses have doors opening inwards, and this detail may seem very little, but it shows how the home welcomes you or your guests.
  • Cleanliness And Maintenance: The entrance symbolizes the whole house, so one should keep in mind that it should not be messy or cluttered; rather, it should be clean and attractive as it is the first thing a person would see when they come to your house. You can plant beautiful flowers and plants sideways of the front door, thus enhancing the beauty of your entrance.
  • Precautionary Measures: Some preventive measures should be taken while building the feng shui entrance to the house. There should be enough space inside and outside the door as messy and congested access might spoil the view. Pointy and sharp objects should be avoided near the entrance as it is said that these things bring negativity to the house.

You can also place lucky plants and flowers around your house to further improve your feng shui. Sing See Soon provides a list of lucky plants and where to place them

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