Why Is Rolex Watch So Expensive?

Rolex is known for its high price and quality because it possesses Oystersteel, a long-lasting material. Rolex Women Watch is durable, can work properly in harsh conditions, and is corrosion-free. Its sheen is up to the mark after polishing. Servicing is required after ten years.

Rolex Watches Are Durable And Expensive

Most Rolex watches are expensive and durable, and the cheapest Rolex watch is the Oyster Perpetual (price is $5,700). Rolex watches are reliable consistent in providing superior quality.

  • 5 Years Warranty

Generally warranty period of Rolex watches is five years after the purchase, including Wear-and-tear, Theft, loss of watch, Damage caused due to misuse, Repair that happened by a third party. Regular service is required. Purchasing a Rolex watch is a good investment because the Rolex Watch is long-lasting.

  • Unique Model Code

Rolex watches comprise a serial number stamped at a particular position (6 6 o’clock). It is necessary to remove the bracelet attached to the watch to find where a serial number is stamped. A slight glow around the edges can be seen when shown near the light.

  • Shield Of Authenticity In Rolex Women Watch

Rolex is the ultimate watch having crown logos. The genuine Rolex watches have perfectly centered crown logos that reveal authentic watches.

Case back is another way to examine the difference between authentic and fake watches. Case back is all about the absence of any etchings or engravings, except for some rare models.

Many knock-offs comprise engravings so that it appears more authentic. It’s the easiest way to choose fake. Case back should be made of metal rather than glass. Since the establishment of Rolex, many cases back watches have been prepared (exhibition models).

  • Protection From Being Copied

Rolex Women Watch secondhand smooth motion is one of the toughest things to understand. Fraud manufacturers hardly understand this, and it is difficult for them to make duplicate watches. A second hand must move eight times in a second.

  • Unique Sound

A unique sound of Rolex is produced because of the secondhand motion of a Rolex watch. An individual can hear the tickling when they bring the Rolex watch near the ear, and it can be identified whether the Rolex is real or not.

Apart from the reasons mentioned above, there are other ways to identify whether the watch is Rolex or fake. These features of the Rolex watch make it unique. Thus the Rolex Watches are expensive because of all these reasons.

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