Trailer Trucks And Lorries | Types Of Trailer Trucks

A trailer truck is a vehicle that is specifically designed for carrying trailers. It is typically a small, two- or four-wheeled vehicle used to transport trailers. On the other hand, a lorry is a larger, four-wheeled vehicle used for carrying goods. They are often used in the same areas but have different purposes. A lorry is typically used for carrying more significant cargo, while a trailer truck is more suited for carrying smaller items.

What Are A Trailer Truck And A Lorry

Let us now learn about these two terms individually:

Trailer Truck

A trailer truck is a truck that is used for carrying trailers. It is typically a large, long-wheelbase vehicle with a large flatbed and a large, flat load area. It is often used in the agricultural, construction, and transportation industries. It is a commercial truck that transports goods in a trailer.

Trailer trucks are typically used to transport goods over long distances. They are often seen on highways and in rural areas with little population density. It is a semi-trailer truck that is used to transport goods on roads. It is attached to the back of a tractor and is usually used for long-distance transportation. Trailer trucks can be configured in many different ways, depending on what the driver wants to transport.


A lorry is a large, heavy vehicle used to carry goods. It is typically driven by a driver and has several features, including a large flatbed, a trailer, and several other features. A lorry is an excellent choice for long-distance transport and is often used to transport goods and people.

Types Of Trailer Trucks

Trailer trucks are an essential part of transportation, as they move goods and materials over long distances. There are several different types of trailer trucks, each designed for a specific purpose.

  • Flatbed trucks have a flat platform where cargo can be loaded and secured.
  • Dry vans are enclosed trailers designed for hauling items in a dry, secure environment and are ideal for transporting delicate or fragile items.
  • Refrigerated trucks keep temperature-sensitive items cool, while tankers transport liquids and other liquid materials.
  • Lowboys are low-height trailers transporting large, heavy items such as construction equipment.
  • Car carriers are used to transport cars, boats, and other vehicles.

Each type of trailer truck has advantages and disadvantages, so choosing the right one for your specific needs is essential. When it comes to transporting goods, trailer trucks are the way to go!

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