Steps Involved To Repair Rolex Watches

To Repair Rolex watch is not something you should try at home. Rolex watches have precise mechanical components that need substantial knowledge and specific equipment to maintain effectively. Although you should always get your Rolex maintained by a trained specialist, you should also be aware of what is involved in repairing a watch.

Step 1 Of Servicing A Rolex Watch: Disassembly

The full dismantling of both the watch and its internal movement is the first stage to Repair Rolex (ซ่อม Rolex, which is the term in Thai). The ordinary mechanical clock has well over a hundred components, depending on the type and caliber it employs, while extremely sophisticated timepieces might have more than a thousand separate pieces. Furthermore, thorough disassembly of a watch, particularly a Rolex, necessitates the use of several specialist tools, and disassembly without them will almost certainly destroy your watch.

Step 2: Washing

After thoroughly disassembling the watch and the mechanism, the individual components must be cleaned before fresh lubricants can be applied. This servicing procedure often includes ultrasonic cleaning with specially prepared solutions to remove old greases and grime.

Step 3: Replacement For Broken Or Tattered Parts

The watchmaker will evaluate each component for wear and damage while the watch is dismantled. Wear-and-tear components will need to be replaced as required, and only original Rolex parts should be used. Throughout a watch, some features are considered consumable. They will need to be changed at some point if you want the watch to function according to the original manufacturer’s standards.

Step 4: Lubricant Reassembly And Reapplication

The next step is to reassemble the watch and reapply all lubricants once all of the individual parts have been cleaned and any worn or broken components replaced. While the oils used in watches are rarely discussed, they play a critical role in their overall performance. Several highly specialized lubricants are reapplied to the movement during the reassembly process, and this is one of the most meticulous and critical steps in the whole servicing procedure.

Step 5: Timing Modifications And Configuration

To fully Repair Rolex watches, the movement is adjusted. The watch’s timekeeping is dialed in once it has been reassembled to guarantee that it functions within the manufacturer’s standards. This is yet another component of the servicing procedure that necessitates the use of specialized tools and equipment, and it should only be performed by a qualified watchmaker with past Rolex watch expertise.

Step 6: Refinishing And Polishing (If Desired)

The different elements of the watch that make up the case and bracelet are typically polished and refinished to ensure that their aesthetic attractiveness is maintained and the internal components of the movement receive care. All of the external surfaces of the case and bracelet have their correct shine or satin-brushed surface finish restored during this step of the servicing procedure, erasing any scratches or scuffs that the watch may have gotten over the years.

Step 7: Testing After The Service

After the specialist is done Repair Rolex, necessary post-service checks are performed to ensure that the watch is operating properly. Some of these tests are used to ensure that the watch is adequately sealed against moisture and dirt, while others are used to determine how well the movement keeps time after it has been encased.

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