How To Grow Longer Eyelashes With Ease!

Before using any pharmaceutical treatments, it may be worthwhile to try one of the many DIY methods available for growing eyelashes. Many people have actually found success utilising these products to encourage hair growth along their lash lines.

But before incorporating new items into your beauty routine, like with any product, make sure to consult your doctor or dermatologist to make sure there aren’t any significant medical causes for your lash loss.

Let’s review the fundamentals that you probably never even learnt before before we go into the specifics of how to achieve extremely long eyelashes, okay?

Three phases make up the growth cycle of your eyelashes: catagen (the dormant period, when your lashes simply relax), telogen (the shedding stage, when your lashes naturally fall out)

It makes sense that it can take some time for your eyelashes to fully develop given that they spend the majority of their time either hanging out or falling off.

In fact, according to Dr., letting your lashes develop naturally can take three months. But you’ll be glad to know there is a way to lengthen the growing period because I know you’re impatient and want your eyelashes to grow overnight.

How to Get Longer and Thicker Eyelashes:

These strategies will help you grow eyelashes that are thicker and longer at home. Longer and thicker eyelashes are encouraged by proper maintenance. To take care of your lashes, remember to:

  1. Always wash off makeup and dirt. To remove your eye makeup, use a gentle makeup remover, such as micellar water. Put a cotton ball in the solution and hold it on your eye for ten seconds to remove all of your eye makeup.

Make sure to use delicate strokes and avoid pulling on your eyelashes. Consider using an oil-based cleanser, which melts away dirt and makeup while moisturising and hydrating the lashes.

Your lashes may get irritated and dry from the buildup of dirt and makeup, which can cause eye infections and lash loss. To keep your eyelashes healthy, wash your face every day.

  1. Eyelashes into a curl. Using a spoolie or a brand-new mascara wand, carefully brush your eyelashes upward.As you brush your eyelashes, the lash hairs get less tangled, allowing them to grow straight. To remove any remaining dust or dirt that is still stuck to your eyelash hairs, you can also use a comb.
  1. Adopt a balanced diet.Altering your diet can also help your eyelashes seem better. Omega-3 fatty acid-rich foods that promote hair growth, such fish, leafy greens, and avocado, provide your eyelashes the nutrients they need to develop into thick, sturdy hairs.

These tips and tricks detail various DIY solutions you can apply to amplify your natural lashes:

  1. Coat your lashes in oil. Castor oil, coconut oil, and olive oil are examples of natural oils that hydrate the lash hairs and encourage healthy growth.

Make use of a fresh mascara wand or cotton swab to apply the oil to your eyelashes. The oil not only conditions the lash hairs to keep them from coming out but also darkens them to make them appear longer and thicker.

  1. Use aloe vera to moisturise. Using aloe vera gel is another do-it-yourself technique for thickening and moisturising dry, brittle lashes. Aloe vera increases collagen, which nourishes the eyelashes while relaxing and hydrating.

You can use petroleum jelly in place of aloe vera gel to hydrate and nourish the hair follicles on your lashes. Keeping your eyelashes hydrated with these home methods might help stop damage.

  1. Apply a serum for lash growth. Applying a growth serum can lengthen lashes and treat hair loss. Lash serum aid in promoting the growth of eyelashes by including nutrients that boost hair growth, such as peptides and antioxidants, which encourage thick, healthy lashes.

Swipe the wand of an eyelash growth serum along your lash line to apply it. Before adding a new eyelash serum to your cosmetic regimen, see your dermatologist or eye doctor.

  1. Apply lash-lengthening mascara. Applying mascara that lengthens lashes is another approach to acquire long eyelashes. These nutrient-rich mascaras work to lengthen and volumize your lashes by including some of the same active chemicals as lash growth serums.
  1. Bear vitamins in mind. Collagen and biotin both aid the body’s process of producing new hair. Consider taking supplements containing collagen or biotin if your eyelashes are frail and sparse. Consult your doctor before including new supplements in your regimen to find the right one for you and go through any possible negative effects.

How safe are lash serums?

Yes, no, and perhaps There’s an excellent reason—no, there are several reasons—why you need a prescription to get Latisse: A doctor must ensure that it won’t conflict with any other medications you’re taking or have a bad impact on your eyes because it is an actual drug (for glaucoma!).

And you’re aware of the stories that claim that an eyelash serum can alter someone’s eye colour? Yes, if you’re using a formula with chemicals for growth, that is a possibility.

Those with lighter eyes may detect a change in the colour of their irises after repeated exposure, says Doctor, if the serum enters the eye. In other words, if you don’t apply the product properly, thinly, and only to your lash lines, your baby blues could turn brown.

Other dangers: If a growth serum gets into your eye, it could irritate your eye and make it puffy and discoloured. The fact that some people can use lash serums without experiencing any problems, as with any adverse effects, serves as a good reminder to always read the ingredients list and see your doctor before using anything.

So, is it possible to grow eyelashes?

It is possible to get longer lashes if you avoid using artificial lashes, use lash curlers sparingly, remove your makeup every night, strengthen your current lashes with a conditioning serum, and get a prescription for a growth serum from your doctor.

However, you must be persistent and patient because these treatments take months to work and once you stop, the growth stops as well. It is up to you to decide whether the effort is worthwhile.

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